My name is Sándor Pákozdi, I am the owner of Sági Solymász Kennel

I live in a beautiful village, near Pannonhalma, called Győrság. How did this journey start? Since I was a little child I am for animals and nature. In our family house we have had a lot of pets including dogs of course. ( I was the boy, who collected and cared the abandoned dogs.)

I have been interested in hunting since I was younger. On the fields I was always impressed when saw the bird of prey. It was fascinating to see what skills they have. Of course they have, their life depend on hunting. Back then falconry was not so known, but I decided to investigate what was the way to hunt with a bird of prey officially. As hunting dog was essential for falconry I loved to have one.

I had a friend who had been breeding and hunting with Hungarian Vizsla for a while. So I bought a short-coated Vizsla from him. This hunting dog called Tordaszigeti Sipi. She was the founder of Sági Solymász Kennel, and she is an active falconer dog until now as well. To be honest, Sipi was used just as a companion for falconry. She has very reliable nose and she is stably to point. As Sipi is a bitch, I decided she would be sired at least once. A Vizsla from Slovakia with perfect hunting skills was suggested to be a sire. His name was Endo Zalaba.

Litter A was the first with Aga and Ancsa (Fruzsi). Ancsa’s very good abilities and enthusiasm for hunting revealed a very early age, so she stayed with us. Originally she was used as a companion for falconry, but since Vizslas worth for rifle hunting, she  was involved in it to get experience and routine.

In this time I was the member of the hunting party. This was a good possibility for us in terms of field and wildlife. Ducks were also breeded on the fishing lakes in our fields. Ancsa worked very hard during duck hunting sessions and my friends- who had working experience with Vizsla earlier – appreciated her hunting skills. So I decided to train this talented dog. She passed the basic exam excellent. She was appreciated by the judge as well. She was my companion during the whole hunting season. Since the whelps from the latest sire proved to be talented and reliable, I decided to sire Sipi again. Unfortunately the previous sire was no more available, so I had to choose an other one, a Vizsla from Csallóköz again. It was Tiszotai Cumi (Betyár).

Bella, Betyár and Bogi was born from this sire. Betyár is an acive hunting companion and the family favorite of course. His owner is very satisfied with him because of the excellent and reliable work during hunting. Bogi is the center of her new family, Bella is a real favorite as well and what’s more she participates dog shows more and more successfully. As I was very satisfied with Ancsa, therefore she was sired (with Tiszotai Cumi). 10 whelps (6 male and 4 female) were born (litter C). From this litter 3 males and 1 female got to Germany. The new owner hunts actively with 3 of them. I always strive for keeping in touch with the new owners of the whelps and in most cases -I can say- I make a friendship with them. Cili (from litter C) was given as a gift to one of my friends, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough time for the dog, so she was returned. Now Cili is a perfect hunting dog both in the water and on field. Meanwhile Ancsa was honoured with different awards in Hungary and in Austria as well. To breed more and more reliable hunting dogs is my aim in my work with Vizslas. I attend a lot of shows with my  working dogs. For me these occasions are perfect to learn new methods and for dogs are good chance to practise. During hunting my dogs had more successful large wild game search. Working on searching practice is always on my training list. I strive for getting the most from my dogs, to be a real Hungarian National Treasure that can make us proud. So this is the whole story of how breeding and working with Vizslas have been becoming a passion for me.