Welcome to the website of Sági Solymász Hungarian Vizsla Kennel!

“The dog as we know it is a miracle of creation. And the Hungarian Vizsla is not simply a dog. His Vizsla !! An analogy of beauty, nobility, intelligence and overflowing love could be this word.”

I can help with the following::

Hungarian Vizsla BREEDING

Vizslas for sale are available in Győr, Győrság. Search with confidence.


I undertake the capture of bird.
Bird relief on demand.


The animal is my everything. Interested in falconry? Come on, I’ll show you.


I undertake to prepare dogs for the hunting exam.

The Sági Solymász Hungarian Vizsla Kennel is active in the breeding of Vizsla in Győrság and its surroundings. We still deal with falcons. Dog breeding is not only a hobby but also a way of life. We are waiting for our interested clients and see our current litter range.